Nowhere to Lay Our Head: Client Rulers, the Empire of Oil, and the Anarchy of Jesus

Publisher : Melruha Publications 2011

‘Foxes have their dens, the birds of the air have their nests,
but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head’. (Luke 9.58)

Nowhere to Lay Our Head proposes an anarchist socialist alternative to the Empire of Capital. Wilf Wilde develops this idea by looking within the Empire at the historical development of the Empire of Oil, following the story from Iraq and Afghanistan to Iran and Venezuela.
Wilf Wilde argues that new alternatives for a left in crisis must recognize the counterrevolutionary defeats of socialism in Europe – first at the Paris Commune in France and the failed German Revolution of 1918–23. It then looks at the lessons from the historical experience of the rise and defeat of the revolutionary and anarchist movements in Spain and Italy. The Empire rules now he argues from Afghanistan via Europe to Britain with client rulers.

The book also explores the recent recession via the Australian experience of imperial finance, ‘capitalism with derivatives’ and its own compromised New Labour regime in the 1980s. Gordon Brown is set in his Scottish context with the exit music for New Labour’s possible long- term replacement by the SNP.
A potentially revolutionary biblical exegesis is built here from the traditions of Daniel and Revelation. Jesus had nowhere to lay his head in an Israel compromised by its rulers in hoc with the Empire. He concludes that Jesus proclaimed a new world of anarchy without the power of the rulers who have so far defeated socialism by fraud or force.