Crossing the River of Fire: Mark’s Gospel and Global Capitalism


Publisher : Epworth 2006

This is the first theological critique of political economy and global capitalism written by a political economist with long experience in the oil industry.

Wilde argues that there are great parallels between today’s Iraq and first century Palestine, where Jesus’ challenge to the Roman Empire and the Jewish religious establishment led to his execution. He explores how the Iraq War reveals what he calls the global capitalist empire at work and argues that the spin that took Britain to war also tells us much about the New Labour project. Wilde critically assesses the Christian discontent with global poverty, by placing arguments about debt and trade in the broader context of global capitalism, empire and war. He argues that Christianity can only speak with competence about issues of social justice if Christians are prepared to face the realities of the political economy in today’s world and to understand their backgrounds.

Jesus, 9/11 and Iraq
Global Capital and Political Economy
Political Economy of Development: The Americas
The History of Making Poverty in Neo-Colonial Africa
Debt, Trade and Globalisation
Theological Stories of Political Economy
Jesus and the Political Economy of Galilee
The Temple State: Crucifixion and Resurrection
Apocalypse and Justice: Mark and Central America

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