Paris and Syria: Climate Change and Imperial Energy Wars

‘Paris and Syria: Climate Change and Imperial Energy Wars’

16th November 2016
6:05pm at St Mary-le-Bow Church

JustShare Lecture by Dr Wilf Wilde, Fellow St Johns College Durham University

This talk takes a look one year on at the links between the Paris attacks of 13 November 2015 and the climate change talks in Paris of December 2015. First it examines the links not pursued in the mainstream media between France and the UK, Syria and Iraq from 1916 to 2016, post-Chilcott. Second, it looks at energy and climate change issues in the light of the Middle Eastern wars after Iraq in 2003.

If we wish to have a more just share of the world’s finite energy resources, we need not only to campaign about climate change but against imperialism, neo-colonialism and a new militarism in the UK, France and Syria – and in Egypt, Libya, Brazil and Thailand – where ‘states of emergency’, coups and military dictatorships symbolise the real new world order after the recession of 2008.

Wilf is a founding member of JustShare. JustShare is a coalition of churches, charities and other organisations committed to equal global development and social justice. We use our base in the City of London to drive discussion and promote change, always actively seeking to promote a just share of the world’s resources for everyone.