Magna Carta and the Struggle for Justice

‘Magna Carta and the Struggle for Justice:
The Common People and Resistance to Empire’

17th June 2015
6:05pm at St Mary-le-Bow Church

JustShare Lecture by Dr Wilf Wilde, Fellow St Johns College Durham University

Recorded a month after the 2015 UK election, this talk looks at the parallels between the Magna Carta’s issues and those of our own global politics and economics. The City of London and the Church gained a charter for their liberties in 2015 on the back of the feudal barons fighting over their participation in the politics of 1215.

What can we learn in our struggles for justice and against Empire in a world dominated by war and injustice? For we also live in a world run by an oligarchic elite, who often do not speak the same language, understand the issues or care much about the people they rule?

Wilf is a founding member of JustShare. JustShare is a coalition of churches, charities and other organisations committed to equal global development and social justice. We use our base in the City of London to drive discussion and promote change, always actively seeking to promote a just share of the world’s resources for everyone.